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Malvertising, and How to Protect Against It

Malvertising – a word you’ll be hearing a lot more of in 2015. Malvertising is a method of using online advertising to spread malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats. Why should you care? The simple nature of this attack method and its unparalleled effectiveness are the ideal mix for a perfect storm. You trust Yahoo.com, […]

Heartbleed Bug: A Dangerous Vulnerability

Heartbleed is a widespread security vulnerability that affects web servers, other types of servers, routers, other devices, email clients and other applications. The Heartbleed bug was discovered only last week, and is being patched. However, patching this security flaw is taking a lot longer than anticipated. Why is Heartbleed so dangerous? The problem is a […]

Cryptolocker – An Eye-opener

CryptoLocker is extremely dangerous malware, commonly called ransomware. It has already infected more than a quarter of a million computers. Cryptolocker first appeared in the wild in Oct / Nov 2013. In 2014, new variants of CryptoLocker have emerged, adding more powerful attack vectors and additional ways of spreading the infection. Why is CryptoLocker so […]

Solid State Drives – A Game Changer

According to Intel, migrating to computers with Solid State Drives can improve employee productivity by as much as 13%. Intended audience for this post: Unhappy users and business owners. First things first. If you have never heard of Solid State Drives (SSDs), they are a replacement for traditional hard disks. Solid State Drives make computers […]